How to buy

How to buy

To purchase spare parts for tractors and agricultural machinery in our shop

You should:

Option without registration

Search for a part using the search engine or tree products and add product to cart. You can add to your cart as many parts as you need. After adding the product (s) to Cart open Cart - "Cart" (upper right corner). The cart shows a list of products added and their quantity. At this point , you can change the number of products or completely remove the selected product from cart. After verifying the list of products in your cart, click the button "Check out" and go to the page on which chooses the method of delivery of purchased parts and the method of payment. After selecting the method of delivery and payment for the shipment page automatically calculates the cost of the order. After selecting this function, you go to the next step by clicking the "Continue" button. Here you need to fill in all required contact information, if you need invoice tick the box “invoice” if you want to add more information please fill in box “Additional information”. When all the required data are filled in, click "I order and pay". After sending the order, the table with a summary of the order will open. Next step is to chose the method of payment. By the time the order is confirmed , you can cancel the purchase of a product by clicking the appropriate link below the table. To the address listed in the e-mail (the given address e-mail )you will receive information about the status of the order.

Possible statuses:
- pending: Your order is expected to confirm availability and specify the time of delivery
- during completion : Your order is at the stage of completion
- ready to send: Your order is packed and waiting for pick up by courier
- sent: Your order has been shipped by courier

Option with registration

Buying products after registering and logging in to the store is significantly easy way to make purchases: The ordering process looks identical as for a non-registration with this difference, that the system will retrieve the contact information and fill their order form. With each visit, and after logged in You can view the history of your orders, which is visible in your profile.

Basic information:

1. Delivery time: from 24 to 48 hours * from the time of submitting an order.
2. Shipments packages delivers courier company GLS. Shipping pallets are carried out by the Company RABEN.
3. Price list of courier's delivery is listed below in the table.
Weight                               Standard (payment on account)
 To 30 kg (1 package)         25 euro
 Over 30 kg - the price dependes on the size of package.

5. Personal colletion of purchased goods: ul. Poznańska 40A, 62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne.
6. reserves the right to change the costs of transport in special cases when it is not possible to pack the shipment in one packag  both for reasons of safety of goods and restrictions on courier companies. Any change in the cost of delivery customer is always informed.
6. Contact with sales consultant: or phone. 519 584 123
* Execution of the contract can be extended in the absence of goods in stock